We teach our clients how to arrange their finances, obligations, contracts and taxes, purely to be able to have a seamless transfer from the deceased to heirs, and from working to retirement, actually to transfer seamless through all the stages of life.

Trust Planning and Administration.

To build your wealth, is a journey that will take an average of 77 000 hours of each person’s life. Yet very few people spend any time to protect it against death and other taxes, diluting their hard-earned wealth by more than 30% because of unnecessary taxes and by even more, because of ill-considered decisions. Creating a Trust, or Trusts, is probably the wisest consideration for any person before he starts creating his or her wealth.

Will Planning and Drafting

Before you draw up your Will, you first need to have the following done so that your Will can be easily executed and to transfer your wealth seamlessly through the administration of your estate to your heirs.

1. Estate Planning, 2. Family Financial Planning, 3. Trust Planning & Administration, 4. Business Entity & Structural Planning, 5. Retirement Fund Benefits & Advice and 6. Life & Insurance Planning.

Administration of Deceased Estates

We teach our clients how to transfer their wealth seamlessly to their heirs, minimizing administration costs and time, taxation, and other costs.

Beneficiary Funds

We manage beneficiary funds for the disabled and minors.

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Active Clients

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Signed Wills

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