Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.

James W Frick

Tax Planning

Know your taxes and you are half made. The other half is using taxes and strategies to your benefit. This is one of the main reasons why we are here, we strive to teach our clients to have more funds in their pockets than in that of SARS, legally.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the evaluation of your assets and liabilities, mainly to calculate death costs like Estate Duty, Capital Gains Tax, Executor Fees, and other, to make sure there are sufficient liquidity in your estate to honor these costs.

Family Financial Planning

After the estate planning is done, we can calculate, based on your needs, how to take care of your family’s financial needs through the various life cycles.

Retirement Fund Benefits & Advice

Most employed people belong to retirement funds, which may offer Life-, Disability-, Severe Illness-, Funeral Cover and Savings or better known, Retirement Benefits.

Life & Insurance Planning

Referring to Estate, Family Financial and Retirement Fund Benefits & Advice. If you have sufficient funds to honor these costs and expenses, then no more Life, Severe Illness or Disability cover is needed, but in the absence of sufficient funds, then only, the need for Life & Insurance Planning becomes crucial.

Retirement Planning

This is the way to determine, based on personal or family needs, how much funds you need at a certain age, to provide an income to you for the rest of your life (after retirement). Knowing how long you will live, makes out for a simple calculation, the challenge is that we don’t know, which makes it an ongoing process based on assumptions.

Education & Study Planning

We calculate this by taking current costs and expenses into consideration to determine how much funds are needed at a certain future date, to provide for education and to offer solutions on how to obtain those funds.

Investments: Collective Investments

We make use of Collective Investments, better known as Unit Trust funds, to achieve investing and saving goals through mainly 6 different investment vehicles. This is by far the most cost and tax effective investment vehicles.

Investments: Advice on Properties

One of the most popular investments among the wealthiest people across the world, however, you must know what and how to do it, to be successful. Many people do not get it right.

Investments: Equity Portfolios

The South African Stock Market, the JSE, and more important the All-Share Index, is the worldwide best performing index over 20 years and longer. If South Africa can manage to maximize their opportunities over the next five years, then we can become the richest country in the world.

Investments: Securities & Instruments

These investments require special expertise as the risk involved is beyond our advice as we have decided not to recommend these types of investments to our clients, purely again, because of the risk.

Healthcare Benefits

We all need Medical Aid and Gap Cover; we can provide quotations comparing just about every Medical Aid and Gap Cover options in South Africa.

Business Entity & Structural Planning

The importance of using the correct business structures and how to set it up can have enormous personal and business taxation benefits, do not approach this with no respect.

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